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This site offers downloads and information to help you start using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard.

[15 Oct 2009: I do not endorse any legislation to mandate using Dvorak! Encourage, yes; mandate, no! For more, see my related blog entry.]

The Dvorak keyboard layout is a free control panel option on every modern computer. Dvorak is a vastly more comfortable and efficient alternative to the old-standard "QWERTY" pattern, which was designed in the 1800s with no effective attempt at typing comfort.

Most accomplished QWERTY typists don't want to retrain on a new keyboard layout. That's OK! But some typists don't do so well with QWERTY, and there are always kids and new typists who could learn to type more easily in Dvorak. In spite of this, many still struggle to learn QWERTY instead.

Most new typists start with QWERTY because they don't know that the Dvorak layout exists, or because they have been misled into thinking it's useless. Some are afraid they'll encounter a school or workplace where using Dvorak is not allowed. A few seem to be afraid of leaving the herd, of not conforming to the behavior that's expected of them.

But many people have learned the Dvorak layout and enjoy using it without trouble. If you don't like QWERTY and want to try Dvorak, consider the question logically: does it make sense to avoid Dvorak because, in some uncertain future, you might have to give it up? If that prospect is so awful, isn't the status quo just as bad?

The Dvorak layout does have its pros, cons, and historical controversy, and there are steps to switching your computer and retraining. For more information refer to the following pages. (I apologize that some of them are rather old.)

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