Alt-Keyboards Mailing List

In case you don't already know, a mailing list is a server that keeps a list of subscribers who want to discuss a particular topic. Whenever someone sends a message to the list, the list server routes a copy to each subscriber. The alt-keyboards mailing list is dedicated to discussions of the Dvorak layout and other keyboard alternatives.

You can access the alt-keyboards group via the Web or e-mail.

To access alt-keyboards via the web, go to and click "Subscribe." Follow the instructions on the page to set your options and subscribe to the list. Links are also provided for viewing and posting messages.

The alt-keyboards mailing list has existed in one form or another for years, but sometimes it gets little traffic because there isn't much to talk about. Dvorak is built into most current operating systems, and answers to most Dvorak-related questions are on this website or others.

Change is constant, however, and the Dvorak layout might face new challenges. It doesn't hurt to stay in touch.

Do look at the files section on alt-keyboards, which contains a number of historical newsletters and other items uploaded by members.

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Last update: 12 February 2009
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