Apple II

Matt Ackeret passed along this tip for Apple IIGS: Dvorak is built in! Here's how to select it:

  1. Go into the Classic Desk Accessory menu (control-openapple-escape)
  2. Choose "Control Panel"
  3. Choose "Keyboard"
  4. Change "Keyboard Layout" to Dvorak.
It's that simple!

Matt didn't say what operating system software he was using. Also, I'm not sure about other Apple II models, except that the Apple IIc actually had a pushbutton switch next to the keyboard for switching to Dvorak.

For the Apple IIe, I have learned that one of the many jumper locations on its motherboard can be connected to turn on the vestigial Apple IIc-style Dvorak keymap. I don't know which jumper location does it, but I hear KeyTime (Tel: 206-522-TYPE) includes instructions for installing a switch with their Dvorak training package. Ask to make sure. (And if you try it, let me know if it works!)

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