Hard-Wired Keyboards

You don't really need a whole new keyboard to use the Dvorak layout, but some people prefer having a hard-wired Dvorak keyboard so they don't have to mess with software conversion and possibly moving or relabeling keycaps.

Product designs and availability change often, and it's hard for me to keep this page up to date. News usually turns up first on the alt-keyboards mailing list.

The advantage of buying a hard-wired Dvorak keyboard is that the keycaps are labeled correctly and it almost certainly works with any software you use. The disadvantages are cost and lack of portability. I probably don't need to explain the cost disadvantage. Lack of portability simply means you can't move a keyboard from computer to computer easily.

Right now I'm aware of the following hard-wired keyboard suppliers:

Many keyboard models are still offered with the old PS/2 (mini-DIN) connector for PCs. These are often offered along with an optional PS/2-to-USB adapter. With the adapter, most keyboards are usable on any current PC or Mac computer, although some key functions may not be available.

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