Switch Your Computer to Dvorak

You can set up the Dvorak layout on any popular personal computer. The cheapest way is to install a software conversion (a new keymap that redefines the way your computer reads your existing keyboard).

If you have some extra cash and don't like the idea of messing with software (even though it's usually free), check out hard-wired keyboards.

If you use one of the software conversion schemes discussed in the following links, you might want to either relabel your keyboard or print a layout diagram, depending on your opinion on looking at the keys.

Here are links to information about converting different systems and applications (some of only historical interest, if any):

A possible problem with software conversion is that some really shoddy programs bypass the operating system's keyboard map and don't work with Dvorak. This problem is extremely rare in current software, probably because software developers want to support national-language settings, which use the same system functions as most Dvorak layouts.

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